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You will find a selection of web sites by country classified in more than 170 categories. The inscription is completely free and hard links enable you to increase your referencing.

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France French Republic flag France  (2433)
Morocco Kingdom of Morocco (Western Sahara is mostly occupied by and integrated in Morocco, see politics of Western Sahara) flag Morocco  (256)
Indonesia Republic of Indonesia flag Indonesia  (235)
India Republic of India (federal state) flag India  (231)
United Kingdom United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Commonwealth Realm) flag United Kingdom  (193)
Turkey Republic of Turkey flag Turkey  (190)
Israel State of Israel flag Israel  (171)
Canada (federal state, Commonwealth Realm) flag Canada  (150)
Vietnam Socialist Republic of Vietnam flag Vietnam  (127)
Pakistan Islamic Republic of Pakistan flag Pakistan  (120)
Romania  flag Romania  (94)
Belgium Kingdom of Belgium (federal state) flag Belgium  (84)
Italy Italian Republic flag Italy  (82)
Malaysia Federation of Malaysia (federal state) flag Malaysia  (74)
Spain Kingdom of Spain flag Spain  (68)
Egypt Arab Republic of Egypt flag Egypt  (55)
Australia Commonwealth of Australia (federal state, Commonwealth Realm) flag Australia  (49)
Brazil Federative Republic of Brazil (federal state) flag Brazil  (48)
Tunisia Republic of Tunisia flag Tunisia  (48)
Bangladesh  (43)
Switzerland Swiss Confederation (federal state) flag Switzerland  (41)
Algeria People's Democratic Republic of Algeria flag Algeria  (40)
Mauritius  (37)
Philippines, the Republic of the Philippines flag Philippines, the  (36)
China People's Republic of China (see also Taiwan (ROC)) flag China  (35)
Korea (South)  (31)
Argentina Argentine Nation or Argentine Republic (federal state) flag Argentina  (29)
Netherlands the Kingdom of the Netherlands (legally the Netherlands are the mainland European part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands that also includes Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles) flag Netherlands  (29)
American Samoa  (26)
Germany Federal Republic of Germany (federal state) flag Germany  (22)
Bulgaria  (21)
Japan  flag Japan  (21)
Greece Hellenic Republic flag Greece  (18)
Kenya  (18)
Thailand Kingdom of Thailand flag Thailand  (18)
Singapore Republic of Singapore flag Singapore  (16)
Portugal Portuguese Republic flag Portugal  (15)
Austria Republic of Austria (federal state) flag Austria  (14)
South Africa Republic of South Africa flag South Africa  (14)
Abkhazia  (13)
Madagascar  (13)
Nepal  (13)
United States United States of America (federal state) flag United States  (13)
Sri Lanka  (10)
Russia Russian Federation (federal state) flag Russia  (9)
Saudi Arabia Kingdom of Saudi Arabia flag Saudi Arabia  (9)
Albania  (8)
Croatia Republic of Croatia flag Croatia  (8)
Iran  (8)
Peru  (8)
Afghanistan  (7)
Åland  (7)
Czechia Czech Republic flag Czechia  (7)
Hungary Republic of Hungary flag Hungary  (7)
Nigeria  (7)
Poland Republic of Poland flag Poland  (7)
Akrotiri  (6)
Serbia and Montenegro  (6)
Andorra  (5)
Bahamas  (5)
Monaco Principality of Monaco flag Monaco  (5)
Antigua and Barbuda  (4)
Armenia  (4)
Aruba  (4)
Ascension Island  (4)
Azerbaijan Republic of Azerbaijan (see also Nagorno Karabakh) flag Azerbaijan  (4)
Chile Republic of Chile flag Chile  (4)
Colombia Republic of Colombia flag Colombia  (4)
Finland Republic of Finland flag Finland  (4)
French Polynesia  (4)
Iceland Republic of Iceland flag Iceland  (4)
Mexico United Mexican States (federal state) flag Mexico  (4)
Papua New Guinea  (4)
Ukraine  flag Ukraine  (4)
United Arab Emirates (federal state) flag United Arab Emirates  (4)
Angola  (3)
Benin  (3)
Bermuda  (3)
Bhutan  (3)
Brunei  (3)
Cambodia  (3)
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Territory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands (overseas territory of Australia) flag Cocos (Keeling) Islands  (3)
Côte d'Ivoire  (3)
Cyprus  (3)
Ivory Coast  (3)
Kosovo  (3)
Moldova  (3)
Sweden Kingdom of Sweden flag Sweden  (3)
U.S. Virgin Islands  (3)
Yemen  (3)
Zimbabwe  (3)
Bahrain  (2)
Bolivia Republic of Bolivia flag Bolivia  (2)
Eritrea  (2)
Guatemala  (2)
Haiti  (2)
Hong Kong  (2)
Iraq  (2)
Luxembourg Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg flag Luxembourg  (2)
New Caledonia  (2)
New Zealand (Commonwealth Realm) flag New Zealand  (2)
Panama Republic of Panama flag Panama  (2)
Senegal  (2)
Anguilla  (1)
Barbados  (1)
Belarus  (1)
Burundi  (1)
Cameroon  (1)
Cayman Islands  (1)
Central African Republic  (1)
Comoros  (1)
Costa Rica Republic of Costa Rica flag Costa Rica  (1)
Cuba  (1)
Denmark Kingdom of Denmark flag Denmark  (1)
Dominica  (1)
Estonia Republic of Estonia flag Estonia  (1)
Fiji  (1)
Georgia  (1)
Ghana  (1)
Greenland  (1)
Ireland Republic of Ireland flag Ireland  (1)
Jamaica  (1)
Jordan  (1)
Kuwait  (1)
Lebanon  (1)
Macau  (1)
Mauritania  (1)
Micronesia  (1)
Nagorno-Karabakh  (1)
Niger  (1)
Northern Cyprus  (1)
Norway Kingdom of Norway flag Norway  (1)
Qatar  (1)
Slovakia Slovak Republic flag Slovakia  (1)
Slovenia Republic of Slovenia flag Slovenia  (1)
South Korea  (1)
Swaziland  (1)
Syria  (1)
Taiwan (ROC) Republic of China (popularly referred to as Taiwan, diplomatically also known as Chinese Taipei, status disputed, Taiwan is claimed by the People's Republic of China, whereas the ROC government has never formally renounced its claim over it flag Taiwan (ROC)  (1)
Tanzania  (1)
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