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Karate dô is a Japanese martial arts. In Japanese the kanji "will kara" means the vacuum and more precisely vacuity with the Buddhist direction of the term, is "to you" the hand as well as the technique which one carries out with the hand and finally "dô" which means the way or the way in the direction of advance of deepening of human quality. One translates litteralement by "the way of the empty hand". Karate is based on techniques of percussion using the whole of the natural weapons of the body (fingers, open and closed hands, fronts arm, feet, tibiae, elbows, knees, head, shoulders...)en seen to block the unfavourable attacks and or to attack. The techniques gather parades, dodgings, sweepings, projections and keys. Technical nuances of contents are relatively marked according to the style

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2009-07-26 - Cours de karaté shotokan jka, ŕ Paris avec le Cercle Parisien dans le 9eme France French Republic flag Karaté
2008-08-25 - INFO KARATE, karate techniques and moves, kata France French Republic flag Karaté
2006-12-02 - Karaté Club Colombes - Accueil France French Republic flag Karaté
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